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Personal Financial Planning

If Your Goal Is Financial Independence, We Will Help You Get There

Our lives are full of important financial transactions:

  • Purchasing or selling a home;
  • Starting or expanding a business;
  • Saving for a college education;
  • Weddings & vacations;
  • Charitable giving;
  • Planning for retirement;
  • Collecting an inheritance; 
  • Planning one's own estate

And there are dozens of people out there to "help" you with how you think about each of these. We think you should be able to turn to a trusted financial advisor for sound, consistent advice.

Our assistance with planning will always incorporate careful tax planning, and will typically begin with the preparation of a personal financial statement. Financial Statements are as important for individuals as they are for businesses; they are a wonderful tool to assist in measuring growth.  We believe it is important to understand well where you are… as you set on the road to where you're going. We may also recommend an estate plan to assist you with any wealth transference to others.

There is no one-size-fits-all solution at John Morrissey Accountants. Sure, there are tried-and-true ideas that we are happy to share with you. But you should feel confident that your financial plan is designed to work for your individual circumstances, and help you meet your individual financial goals.  We do not sell investments, so our sole attention is on tailoring a workable plan specifically to you. 

What we do for you:

  • Develop a comprehensive personal financial plan to achieve your goals
  • Periodically review your personal financial plan as your life situation changes
  • Integrate your financial plan with your tax planning (individual and business)
  • Evaluate estate, gift tax, and trust tax strategies to preserve wealth
  • Review investment strategies (are you paying too much in fees?)
  • Evaluate investment and retirement portfolio risk (more aggressive, less aggressive)
  • Help you understand Required Minimum Distributions (RMDs) from IRAs
  • Analyze your current budget versus your retirement budget
  • Create a retirement income distribution plan that meets your goals

Your Partner in Achieving Financial Freedom

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