Tax forms pretty much look one like another…before anything is printed on them.

But the PEOPLE that come to John Morrissey Accountants are unique and distinct. Each has a unique financial history and circumstances. And a unique way of thinking about their financial future.

Our goal at John Morrissey Accountants is to make sure that we see those distinct individuals we serve, and make sure that our services match their particular needs. Our tax and financial planning services are all tailored to you, and your unique background and financial picture.

We know that you have choices among accountants, and maybe even among tax software providers. We hope to make you feel comfortable and at-home in our relaxed office setting. Sit back, get comfortable, and let the professionals at John Morrissey Accountants earn your trust and respect. We'll both make a friend.

John Morrissey Accountants is Where Clients Refer Friends!

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